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Pete Williams

Junior Design Team: Zoe, Chris and Nick. Curated "Easy Wear" pieces for model Pete Williams. Pete lives with Quadriplegia and our junior designers took that experience into consideration when designing accessible, functional clothing for Pete.

Easy Wear


Fabric Choices:
Coat - Gray Wool Spandex Blend - Trim
- black velcro
- Loops

Shirt - Beige 100% Cotton Soft Brushed Flannel and Brown Jersey for hand hole
- Trim
- Velcro
- Loops Pants - Gray Wool Spandex Blend
- Trim
- Velcro
- Elastic

Zoe Describes the Experience:

I really enjoyed this experience. Chris and I made a great team. Our model Pete had three years of experience, so he was really great to work with. He knew his style well and listed his needs. He still gave us plenty of creativity with the design. Pete is quadriplegic, so our design must be accessible with that in consideration. We wanted to create something comfortable and easy for Pete. We also wanted to create something more upscale and business casual for his conferences or activism. Our design is curated to Pete’s aesthetic. It is neutral and clean with accessibility and warmth.


Chris and Nick Describe Their Purpose for Design and Experience:

Chris: The concept is to create a comfortable, looser fitting, and warm piece of clothing with easy to use closures. These closures would be created using loops and velcro or magnets. This garment could also possibly have a large pocket for storing items.


The process has been made very easy due to my partner Zoe and our model Pete. Pete is a quadriplegic with experience modeling for students so he was very clear in his communication. He said he gets cold easily, has trouble with buttons and zippers, and needs to be able to store items such as his phone, wallet, and keys when he is out in public.


We believe that our designs and ideas address these concerns.

Nick: This project was a very great experience. On top of being simply fun, I enjoyed doing it because it was eye opening to design a garment that not only looked visually appealing, but offered certain engineering to accommodate someone with disabilities.


In this case specifically, we all used things such as Velcro to allow an easy way for Pete to take off and put on the pieces since he is quadriplegic. We also decided to design each garment with an accommodating fit such as the pants having a loose and slightly flooded shape. We figured things that are too tight would be difficult and uncomfortable.


Mood Board for Easy Wear

Pink Theme Bouquet
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