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Dillon Jon Cowell

  I went out skateboarding and I learned a new trick called a wallride, a wallride is a trick where you ride up a vertical wall on your skateboard. It seems like an impossible thing to do, like it isn’t meant to be done. I learned this trick at a skatepark called Playland at 43rd avenue. Playland is a “Do it yourself” skatepark, because of this it has a lot of character because of the various varying things that people have build there and put there. Concrete, wood, metal, asphalt, bricks, and plastics are all arranged into skate obstacles around the park, and they are covered in graffiti. Learning this trick at this park was critical for producing my concept “Unintended Use at Playland”. ​

Skateboarding, and Graffiti have a unique commonality, Using things for unintended purposes. Skateboarders use things like; handrails, curbs, walls, benches, and city architecture at large as obstacles to preform their tricks on. Graffiti artists use the walls of buildings, billboards, train cars, windows, and city architecture as canvases for their art. All these things that Skateboarders, and Graffiti artists use aren’t used for their intended purposes. Fashion has a history of designers using materials unintended for clothing.​

Designer Interview

As a skateboarder and rock climber I find many designs lack functionality, and this experience inspires me to focus on function. I am very inspired by environmental-sustainability, zero-waste design seems to be the future of fashion. The fashion industry still has a lack of male-focused design, and I want to focus on designing for men.

I like simple silhouettes, intricate and unusual fabrics, and nature-inspired colors. I enjoy exploring the concept of Nature and Technology interacting to create an ideal and exciting world. I like modestly, or wildly.

I am very inspired by ceramicists, and painters in general. I like how texture and color is a big part of painting, and how ceramicists focus on form. My fashion inspiration is my friend Henry, who has been designing for his own label for many years now.

My work is unique because I want to provide both modest and wild designs for not only the average person, but more importantly people who need functional clothing for alternative sports. My inspirations from ceramics and painting drive me to focus on form and texture.

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