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Vivian Chong

As a new year approaches, the streets become busy as everyone gets ready to first, set up and pray to their ancestors as a way to honor them. Families visit each other and wish each other good luck and light up fireworks. When the firecrackers quiet down, everyone gathers around to start a feast. This event is meant to wish each other a good year.

Every year, one animal becomes the focus of a new year, this year the Tiger. However, that does not mean the tiger has to celebrate it alone. Every year, all the zodiacs come together and forget their rank from the race to celebrate together and wishing everyone good luck and fortune. The zodiacs represent people of all ages. Regardless of age, everyone all gathers together and celebrates a new beginning.

Designer interview

Describe your point of view as a designer. 

For my designs, I am able to come up with an idea and actually have it come to life with sewing. I can use my experience growing up and translating that into clothing.


What is your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic is implementing a piece of my culture to clothing but making them a bit modern to wear for casual every day wear. I wanted to go for a more simple style and I was inspired by qipaos and they are usually worn for special occasions with elaborate designs. 


 Who are your design influences? 

One of my design influences is Danha Kim. I discovered her when some of her garments went viral. She makes Korean hanboks but gives them a modern twist to them.

The second design influences is Hu Ruixian. She makes qipaos and is able to make them either traditional or modern. She also incorporates different cultures in her qipaos for her clients.


How is your work unique? How does your unique point of view combine with your design aesthetic and influences to make your work unique?

My work is unique in that there are elements of the traditional qipao but making them modern as it is my way of saying anyone is able to wear them. The designs won’t be as elaborate as I wanted it to be more casual to wear when going out.

Experiemental design concept

For my experimental design, I decided to take on the challenge to crochet the garment. This is my first time crocheting so learning the different techniques of crochet is fun and it’s a lot more hands on than sewing. Although time-consuming, I still had fun

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