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Estéban Almanza

The theme of this design collection revolves around abstract art. This collection is heavily influenced by abstract artists like Piet Modrain and Jackson Pollock because I loved the message behind their art and the movement it created for so many artists.

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Designer Interview

The designers that heavily inspired me and this collection were Martin Margiela and Raf Simons, due to their influence in minimalist, deconstructive design in fashion. Margiela’s influence with paint advised me to work with the same concept for my collection.

What separates me from most designers is the fact that I am a complete outsider to the fashion industry and the world that many have been accustomed to. As someone who was born in the rural, central valley portion of California, I grew up imagining and creating fashion through my own imaginative perspective, rather than following and adopting the traditional likes and dislikes of normal fashion.

My overall design aesthetic can be summarized as high-end minimalism. In my design process, I rather focus on the silhouettes and elements of designs that would be emphasized on a garment, rather than letting patterns and colors distract viewers from the design aspect itself.

What makes my work unique is that there is no one else designing their garments to the simplest form like how I do. Instead of designing to attract attention, my designs speak for themselves by complimenting the person wearing the garment. The focus of my work is for the design to speak for itself, not anything else.

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