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Hazel Marie Pascual Ignacio

I always knew I loved fashion. I can definitely say for myself that I have a passion for fashion. I love shopping and styling clothes/accessories. Fashion has always been something I consider one of my obsessions and what I love. Before coming to SFSU, I was in a completely different field. I was studying for a major that I was not fully connected to. A friend of mine who studied ADM here at SFSU actually inspired me to just go for it. I was scared to know that I was going in a completely different direction but what I did know was that I loved everything about fashion. I was excited to learn more about the industry and be able to put my full potential into something I love. 

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My Story

My favorite class at SFSU was ADM 466: Computer Applications and Textile Industry. I really loved this class because it was focused on learning all about Adobe Photoshop and all the steps it takes to professionally edit pictures. This class was helpful in teaching me the skills I needed to know in order to correctly use Photoshop and its applications and how it’s involved in the fashion industry. In this class, I was able to create and design my own website. I didn’t know I had the capability to do that all on my own and I’m glad I did! I had a lot of fun learning and practicing in this class, and definitely will help me in the future. 

I am proud of everything I accomplished here at SFSU. I transferred from community college during the beginning of the Global Pandemic and made the decision to change my major to Merchandising/Marketing. I was scared to follow a new path but I knew that I was very passionate about the fashion industry and was always interested in learning more. I am most proud of myself for taking a leap of faith. Before transferring, I was not driven and dedicated to learning, but I can definitely say that being an ADM Major and Marketing Minor, I am more educated on the industry, as well as happy with my whole experience. I was able to execute my best in terms of projects and getting good grades, as well as make connections with teachers/students in the department. 

After graduation, I plan on finding a local full time job where I know I will love and enjoy. Going to school these past 5 years, I was working multiple part time jobs and never fully enjoyed myself nor loved what I did. I plan on finding a place where I can execute my best, have fun, and be able to love what I do in the fashion industry. I also plan on celebrating and enjoying life to the fullest because I went to school while working a part time job during a Global Pandemic. It has been a long and hard road, but I am very proud of myself so I will be treating myself to everything I deserve!

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