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Justine Chong

I have always had an affinity for fashion but there was a moment that I had with some of my friends back in high school when we were out shopping and one of my friends realized that a certain store didn’t carry her size. She expressed that she always ran into this problem when shopping for herself and I hated learning about that. I realized that I not only want to enter the fashion world for my love for it but also to help clothing be for everyone and anyone. 

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My Story

My favorite class at SFSU was the Fashion Buying class with Amy Dorie. She is a phenomenal professor who definitely knows the industry in and out. I feel very confident going into the fashion field having taken her classes.

The biggest takeaway that I’ve learned in my time as an ADM major is that fashion is not as glitz and glam as most people would make it out to be. There are so many moving parts to this industry that go unnoticed. Fashion is such a crucial part of everyone’s daily lives and I’ve learned that my future place in the industry is more important than I thought it was.

The person whom I look up to most in the fashion industry would have to be Rihanna. She is a woman of so many talents and has created an empire for herself and the world. From starting out as a singer to a makeup brand CEO to now a fashion icon she is taking over the world. She has been my inspiration for style, life advice, etc for as long as I can remember. I hope to work with her one day and continue to grow as a person and person of the fashion industry.

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