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Jenna Katherine Dewald

I am so excitd to learn about the differnt aspects of the fashion industry and apply the skills I have learned at SFSU throughout my career.

My Story

I really enjoyed Dr. Dorie's Sustainability in the Textile, Food, and Housing Industries course. I still recall the information that I learned in that class and apply it to my life and to my school projects. I learned so much about the harm that the fashion industry inflicts on our environment and would love to be part of the process which lessens this impact. 

I have learned a lot about working creatively in groups and challenging and compromising with other students to create a final product that we are all proud of. The merchandising program challenged me both creatively and analytically. And I will definitely bring what I have learned into my professional career.

One skill I am most proud of that I acquired during my time at SFSU is the ability to use photoshop to edit images. I really enjoyed creating mood boards and websites with images edited with Photoshop. And this is a skill I will continue to use during my career. 

I would love to own my own business in the future. I currently work at a small women’s boutique and enjoy being part of a small team of motivated and fashionable people who challenge each other to grow and evolve. But I would love to learn more about the industry before taking this step, and I plan to pursue a career in product development. I look forward to learning as much about the fashion industry as I can. 

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