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Mackenzie Pauly

My collection is inspired by 70s fashion trends and feminine silhouettes. I wanted to make a collection that was 70s but make it ethereal. These two staple trends have been a huge part of my own style and how I have found my own style- what makes me feel myself and beautiful.

Designer interview

 Why did you get into fashion design? What motivated you to become a fashion

When I was 10, for Christmas my parents got me a paper fashion book, with all

these little pieces of paper that were printed like fabric, and stencils to make outfits. After the paper ran out, I would find little things like gum wrappers, to keep playing with the book and be creative. That’s how it started and I ran with it.

Favorite part of the ADM program at SFSU? A couple of sentences about your time at SF State.

 All the talented people I've gotten the opportunity to work alongside and the friends I've made along the way.

Describe your collection for the upcoming fashion show. Inspiration
Theme: 70s but make it ethereal, taking the silhouettes from the 70s and playing

with elements of femininity.
 What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in making this collection?

The biggest challenge has been time. Balancing work and school has been tough.

Where do you see yourself going with this career?

  • Long term - Starting my own fashion house and hopefully have my own show at

    one of the 4 big fashion weeks

  •  Short term - Cover shoot stylist for Vogue

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