Huimiao Feng

"I like the inclusivity in the fashion industry. I would like to see it more, beyond fashion industry."

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My Story

At elementary school, I watched a drama from Taiwan. The main character is a fashion designer that’s entering the field. It planted the seed in me wanting to study fashion. I also like the softness of fabric that hasn't been cut. But I am not a person that would spark ideas in designing. Because of the pandemic that suddenly approached and that I realized I am more interested in learning about consumer behaviors, I changed my concentration from design to merchandising.

My favorite class in SFSU would be Visual Merchandising and Promotion and Computer Applications and Textile Industry. In Visual Merchandising class, I can deeply understand how an event is planned from the beginning to the final execution, because I always enjoy the feeling of putting on an event. The window display assignments also gave me the chance to put together some ideas in ways other than drawing. The Computer Application class gave me the chance to make mood boards, which I found fun.

When we think of a specific design element, we would often associate it either to be more feminine or more masculine. I hope there will be some new design elements that are truly gender-neutral.

I would see myself back in China, and stepping into a new industry that I have been dreaming of for years. I think I would also be learning to play drums and maybe even starting a band.