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Joseph Calvin Chin

My name is Joseph, and I’m an ADM major with a concentration in Merchandising. I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry when I purchased my first pair of Japanese denim jeans. It was a pair of Sorahiko 0416 One Wash Denim from a brand called 45R, and I still wear them as my everyday pair of jeans. I fell in love with the quality and craftsmanship, and it made me curious about the production behind my favorite pieces of clothing. That being said, my favorite class at SFSU was Product Development because I got to understand the process of designing and creating garments using my creativity. My dream company I want to work for is Bode New York because they produce one of a kind, handcrafted clothing from vintage fabrics, and most importantly, everything is tailor-made in New York. After graduation, I plan on celebrating this milestone by going on vacation with my family and friends, and eventually moving to New York to start the next chapter in my life.

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