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Cecilia Titilayo Adeniran

I have enjoyed my time in ADM classes at SFSU. My favorite class was computer applications in textile and fashion industry. I liked creating a website and I liked practicing the flat lays and seeing which positioning looks best. My other favorite class was the product development class because I really enjoyed making my own  graphic designs, flat sketches, and the final project were we created a graphic design collection that would use innovative material . It was my first time learning how to do it. Once I figured it out it was fun. After I graduate from SFSU I plan on getting a job as either a visual merchandiser or a Fashion buyer.  I am open to working at several companies. One day, I also want to open up my own boutique. My most proud accomplishment was the research paper I did in the fashion and the consumer class. IT was fun seeing people's responses to the surveys and researching what their consumer behavior was like. Obtaining this degree at San Francisco State has given me in depth detail about the apparel industry. I learned some things that need to change and one of them is the need for more sustainable production processes and material. Doing this will be very beneficial to the earth and the environment. Overall, my time in the ADM program was a great experience. 

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