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Rosie Salayeva

This semester, I contributed to the runway show as both a designer and a merchandiser. Aside from designing and creating a collection, I also assisted with creating the website, the experimental exhibit, and show promotion. 

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My Story

I was reading an article written by a student from New York's The New School. Four fashion design students
studying fashion design at Parsons were highlighted. As I read through their stories and works of art, I became inclined to pave my own path into the fashion industry as well. 


My time in the ADM program has just begun, as I'm a graduate student. But in a short amount of time, I've learned so much. In less than a year, I went from taking finals about cognition and the nervous system to being required to sew four garments for a runway show. To be able to dive so quickly into something so different than what I have been doing before was overwhelming but also very exhilarating.  I was able to indulge in a project in the most creative mindset, a mindset that I was not using much before.

In the next five years, I definitely think consumers will be very much looking forward to purchasing works from new, emerging designers rather than big fashion houses. This is one of the very reasons I became motivated to be in the fashion industry. As I discover and read about new designers whose unique works are gradually becoming recognized, my interest in the industry grows stronger.

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