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Mariela Alatorre

Designing and constructing my collection has been quite the roller coaster. I decided to create an emphasis on my art on dresses and to take a more personal approach when designing my collection. I honestly felt like I did not know what I was doing, however, in the end, I found that was not completely true. I did not know where to begin when making the dresses. During the process, I changed my mind about how I wanted my artwork on the dresses multiple times and if it was not for my package with notions being stolen, I would not have been happy with the final results. I am extremely thankful that my friends were more than okay with being my models. This experience was stressful yet rewarding and I am thankful for this opportunity.

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Designer interview

 What is your design aesthetic?


I enjoy designing semi-formal and formal wear and wearing it as well. My favorite occasions to design for are bridal and special occasion dresses.


Who are your design influences? 


My design influences are Randy Fenoli and Christian Dior. Randy Fenoli is a well-known bridal designer and stylist that makes beautiful gowns for an affordable price and I would like to design garments and sell them for an affordable price. Christian Dior has more of an artistic approach when it comes to designing garments.


How is your work unique? How does your unique point of view combine with your design aesthetic and influences to make your work unique? 


My work is unique because I am influenced by personal experiences. Whether I have experienced certain events or those close around me, I am easily inspired.

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