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Shenglin Wang

I’m Shenglin Wang, and I come from Shanghai, China. During my years of study in the United States, I found a lot of differences between Chinese and Western cultures. It was a wonderful experience.

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My Story

I like all the classes in my major at SFSU. Because they give me a certain understanding of my future work, and then I have learned a lot of practical skills which I believe that I can use in future work.
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As a student majoring in ADM, one of the biggest takeaways is how to match and photograph clothing products and create online stores. Therefore, I will need them whether I work for a company or run my own business.

When I concentrated on Merchandising, I was proud of two things. One thing, as a Merchandiser, I know how much effort I will have to make and how to deal with emergencies in the process of staging a show. Another thing that I love about window design, it gives me a great sense of achievement from design concept to window decoration.

If I could change the clothing industry, I would like people to slow down and discover the beauty of clothing. I hope that in the future I can own a small shop where I can place my favorite goods and handmade works. At the same time, I would like to spare some space for fashion design and handcraft lovers who are studying now. I am happy to accept second-hand clothes in my shop, but I want my customers to barter for their favorite goods. Because the amount of clothing waste is increasing every year, I don't like the fact that clothing ends up in a garbage dump.

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