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Riley Saul

My absolute dream company to work for would be creating my own photoshoots for brands and getting to style the models for big brands that would appear on the front of magazines and in huge advertisements. 

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My Story

My all time favorite class while at SFSU has to be color and design theory. The professor made the class so fun and educational, not only for the fashion industry but for life skills as well. He kept the class engaged and laughing while still managing to teach us a lot of useful tactics for succeeding in the fashion industry. It is a class I will never forget.

My biggest takeaway from being a merchandising major is to find a niche market to make it big in. I have learned a lot of useful skills at my time here at SFSU but in order to really succeed in the fashion industry, it is mandatory to go into an area that is less competitive to get the biggest results. 

After graduation, I plan on applying to many jobs back home in SoCal where the weather is warmer. I plan on working as a merchandiser for a brand such as Tilly's or Stitch Fix and working my way up in the companies. 

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