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Morgan Gamecho

I have always known I wanted to pave a career in the fashion industry, but for the longest time I was hesitant to commit to that dream, out of fear that it wasn’t likely to work out. For the first couple years of my college education, I majored in Communications and Journalism, but when I transferred to SF State, I decided to fully lean into my dream, and choose ADM as my major. It was one of my greatest decisions. Never have I been more excited about school and how it will support my career moving forward! This program has not only allowed me to explore the industry further, but also my own creativity, skills, and interests. This has been the most invaluable element of my experience in this program.

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My Story

The ADM major at SF State has allowed me to explore all of the opportunities and career paths within the fashion industry. Additionally, I was able to gain a taste of exposure to many of those—from trend forecasting, promotion and merchandising, branding and web design, to buying and merchandising. Through this exposure I was awarded a better understanding of what I want to further explore and pursue as a career after graduation.

SFSU’s apparel design and merchandising program places a major emphasis on sustainability in the fashion industry. Through my education in this program, my eyes have been opened to how much improvement we need to make in this area. For that reason, I would improve the sustainability measures and laws within the industry.

As far as my career goes, in five years, I hope to be working a job I love in the industry. College graduation is such an interesting time. For the longest time I thought my post-grad experience would be linear—I would decide what I wanted to do, and I would pursue it. But with so much opportunity out in the world and in the fashion industry, I am excited to experiment with a multitude of routes within the industry to find what it is I want to settle into as a career!

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