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Giovanna Scandone

Working on the SFSU Runway: BLOOM this semester has been a very fun experience and challenged me in new ways. Being a graduating senior I knew I wanted to be part of the team that brings the fashion show to life. Learning about the different technical things that go into producing a fashion show has been a very rewarding and learning experience that will stay with me beyond my time at SF state. It has taught me the importance of staying on top of your tasks and openly communicating with the team of merchandisers I was working with. I am thrilled to see the models and designers take the stage on show day and watch all the work we have put into this show come to life. 

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My Story

Realizing that the fashion industry was where I wanted to be took me some time. I remember being in junior college and declaring fashion as my major and feeling very uncertain that I wanted to commit to such a specific major that was not as broad of a major as business or communications that could be beneficial in almost any field of work you embark in. I left fashion and went to communications two separate times because of that feeling, and each time I only missed fashion. I would always find ways to still incorporate fashion into my projects in these other courses. Upon going back the final time and officially staying with fashion as my major has only made me happy and solidified that this is what i want to do and an art form that I am passionate about. 

One of the biggest takeaways that I have learned in my time as an ADM major at SFSU is that the fashion industry is vast. The opportunities you may face along your career path are endless if you keep your eyes open to them. I have also learned the importance of networking and making connections among fellow people in the fashion industry. You never know what keeping in touch with people can do. 

After graduation I am moving out of the city and moving to Europe to explore the different opportunities that I can find in not only a new city but a new country. I plan to look for work for a fashion production company and acquire a position where I am able to be creative and exert myself into work I am passionate about in the fashion industry.

Five years from now I’d like to envision myself living in a new large city, working for an ethical and sustainable fashion company that gives me creative freedom. I  see myself having a little flat, a small black cat and espresso machine and my flat has french doors that open to my balcony which has a view of the city in the distance. 

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