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Danna Kim

I use beads, lace, and ruffle/trim to the garments in a more conceptual rather than marketable way. With the time frame, I knew I had to do something simple so I created a really basic outfit base and I’m allocating more time to focus on the decorating of the outfit

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My Story

Describe your point of view as a designer

These collections are mostly made up of aspects of my Korean heritage and individual artistic expression. My passions within history and how it can connect with art alongside taking this opportunity to work with my connection to Korea. 


What is your design aesthetic?


I mostly did flowy, long, and sheer elements. Mostly skirts and pants. I chose to use a color palette of dark and deep blues, purples, and red for the main collection as these colors aren’t typically seen on traditional Korean clothing, 한복 ‘hanbok.’ The experimental collection is inspired by nature more so it follows greens, browns, creams/beige colors. I went for something that can be worn casually or for an event, some can put it as “dressing it up or down.”


Who are your design influences? 


 My design influences are what I see from other artists, nature, and abstract patterns. I see other artists’ works through social media, museums, community work, and walking around there is a lot of art with potential inspiration. Abstract patterns can be from people but I also consider patterns that naturally occur. Such as spider webs, water ripples, plant growth patterns, and more. 


How is your work unique? How does your unique point of view combine with your design aesthetic and influences to make your work unique?


My inspiration helps me explore different designs I can create. I create interpretations from what I see and envision my garments. My interests in art and the forever growing inspiration opportunities I can work with creating unique creations.

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