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Sin R

For this year’s runway I was the editor for Instagram and a memeber of the stage and prop design team. I was not particularly fond of the development. I did enjoy finding and photographing the flowers around campus for the page. I also think it is lovely that the IG profile portrays the more raw essence of the show. As I am writing this now, I won’t be able to tell you all how my fabric flowers and wishing trees turned out but I hope everyone is able to write up a wish and enjoy the garden. 

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My Story

Following graduation, I will be taking a trip to Italy and then Korea. I plan to enjoy my break to its fullest and hopefully seek out a mentor along the way. 

Other than creating regulations regarding sustainability, I would like to see the the apparel industry treating all of its moving components with the same care and consideration. I understand and respect the idea of paying your dues but I find that bigger companies often treat ceratin positions poorly. It would be nice to see them given a chance to prove themselves outside of grunt work. In my own company, I would want them to share their ideas and participate in ways that show their true skill. 


In five years, I envision myself working on my own brand while traveling the world. I wish to study under a more obscure and private mentor rather than completing another instinctual form of education. 

I adore the designer and brand Yehuafan. His specialization in de-constructed silhouettes with asymmetrical cutting and feminine influences is a skill I admire and respect. 

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