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Anil Su Tuli

My experience with ADM at San Francisco State University was fulfilling. I was able to meet some talented people, while creating memories with myself. Since COVID-19 had impacted us all, most of the time was spent at home coming up with my own designs, and my own projects. Thankfully, I have a job in retail so I was able to have my own hands on experience with the topics I was learning in class. After being in this program, I am able to figure out what I want to do in the fashion world, and what I want to accomplish.

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My Story

My favorite class I took at SFSU was Fashion Illustration over the summer of 2021. I had been waiting to take this class, and it taught me how to draw my own designs. This really pushed myself as a merchandiser because I didn’t think I was creative enough to come up with garments, but I loved what I drew. I was able to see the growth over the weeks of ideas, and the color stories too. 


The biggest takeaway that I learned in the ADM classes was how fashion impacts us all. There are so many secrets behind closed doors of the fashion industry, and being able to learn the insides was amazing. It has given me a different outlook on life, and the impact of the environment as well. 


Five years from now, I envision myself working for a fashion company somewhere in a major city. My goal is to go to New York once I graduate and find something for myself, but I also want a job I am passionate about. Whether that has to be in small boutiques and learning how to buy merchandise for the store, come up with color stories for retail stores, or be my own merchandise manager and take over big projects. I hope to figure it out one day, but I also hope what I do makes me happy.

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