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Rachel Lauren Suen

Designer Interview

Describe your point of view as a designer.

My point of view as a designer has always viewed fashion as wearable art. I really love to put all my creative energy into whatever I make, and I find working with dimensional mediums has always been a strength of mine, considering how hands-on the process of fashion design entails.

What is your design aesthetic?

II feel my design aesthetic changes from time to time, but I have always been into feminine and whimsical silhouettes that catch the eye. I tend to love designs that are more maximalist and full of color, yet have a good balance of being soft and bold.

Who are your design influences? 

One of my design influences is Alexander Mcqueen, I found his designs while he was alive to be in ways theatrical, dramatic and full of detail. His works have always been memorable to me and told a story. Another designer who inspires me is Olivia Cheng of Dauphinette, a small designer from New York. Her designs are experimental and unique, combining vintage textiles and using real objects such as pressed flowers to create clothing. A large aspect of Cheng’s designs relates to sustainability, which is a concept I would like to focus on as a designer.

How is your work unique? 

What makes my work unique is how personal I want this collection to be. I want it to tell a story while also showcasing my growth as a designer and how much I have learned from the ADM program over the past two years.

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