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Laila Allathkina

I have been in college for six years first getting my A. A degree in fashion design and now I am graduating with a double major is in fashion design and merchandising here at sfsu. I have spent these past six years learning and improving my design skills.  My designs show where my mind is at in a moment in time. Looking back at all my old collections I can see how different my style has changed. No matter what the idea of formal wear always comes back.

Designer Interview

I love my looks to have a theme. This year's theme was a formal take on the fantasy genre.  I love making more fitted looks from suits to gowns I want my clothes to fit the model I have in mind.  I think my mood changes with the theme or message I am trying to present in my collection. The main takeaway I want to present to people is women's empowerment.  I design clothes that feel empowering to me and hopefully, I can pass that on to other women.  When it comes to my fashion influences I get inspired by music. When I listen to music I can see different colors, shapes, and ideas I can explore in my design proses. I was never into big-name brands or designers but different garment shapes and techniques. What makes me unique I personally feel like I like to take a chance. I use to have my life planned out but when I realize my plans kept falling apart I learned to let go and just go with the flow. And that's where my best ideas come from. 


First 2022 is a fun look at women's empowerment even informal dresses. I was inspired by the song first by Everglow in the song they sing the line " you know that I come first". And the women that wear my dress on do come first.  

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