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Daniel de Jesus Ortega

The concept of this collection was to create a ready-to-wear collection that is inspired by the life of an urban city. Representing the clash of the Urban streetwear with the more professional business attire. For this collection, I focus on having the material of the garment be made of suiting material and focus on using lines with placement and metals with spaces to represent the urban streetwear. The main inspiration comes from the city skyline and architecture, mainly the vertical line that is seen throughout. The color is inspired by the concrete of the streets.

Designer Interview

As a designer, I am driven by curiosity and the need to be different. I am in constant search of new ideas that can be adapted in fashion to enhance the fashion world while thinking about decreasing clothing consumption, and simultaneously increasing the affection one has for their clothes to extend the life of their garments. This is a personal goal for me because in my home country clothes were something that was only purchased once a year, so I learned to care for them as if it was a treasure and would like for everyone to experience something similar.


-My design aesthetic is to create something different and new, I can not limit myself to any design aesthetics. I think that as a designer it is my job to work with different styles and with different ideas to create something eye-catching. With that being said, I do think that fashion is becoming a mixture between streetwear and professional attire. 


My two influencers are:

-Virgil Abloh- Started using famous brands to create a name for himself. In the past 5 years, he left an imprint in fashion that will not be the same without him.

-Heron Preston- Experiment with different techniques. Currently working on designing a pair of shoes that is 100% recycled created using a 3-D printing machine.


-My work is creative. Focusing on the sketch and drawing aspect of the fashion process I want to challenge my fellow designers to create the product that I design. I want to create clothes that can also be art.


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