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Ethan Conrad Tervet

Ethan Tervet’s love for taking something from scratch, creating something new, and seeing his visions come to life was the drive behind his wanting to become a designer. His goal for the future is to become an art director because it uses things that he loves today in his daily life such as researching, conceptualizing, and creating. Tervet grabs his design inspiration by surrounding himself with beautiful things. For example, books, visiting galleries, being out in nature, or internet research. His strong interest in history, poetry, film, and floriculture form his unique perspective. He wants his designs to look like they belong in a painting. Art Nouveau, romanticism, and Pre-Raphaelites influence his designs leading him to use a lot of silk and sheer fabrics.


 Being a designer is not an easy thing to do and may cause people to experience self-doubt. Any time Tervet experiences self-doubt he remembers to not compare himself to others and thinks of how he has a unique artistic perspective that is different from everyone else. This unique perspective will be showcased through his collection at the Bloom 2022 Runway show on May 6th,


 Ethan Tervet is looking forward to showing his designs to the audience at the Bloom 2022 runway show. Come and join us so you can see the creative designs of Ethan Tervet.

Designer Interview

  1. Describe your point of view as a designer. Think about what makes you unique (e.g., intersectional subject positions, life experiences, interests) compared to other designers.


Being a queer, feminine presenting individual, I carry myself and interact with the world in a way that has been guarded and overly observant of how I’m being percieved. Because of this lifelong hesitation to exist, I’ve cultivated a lush, inner landscape as it wasn't safe or acceptable for me to express my interests openly. Now that I've gotten older and shed the skin of insecurities that once bound me, I’m much more willing to share my artistic visions with the rest of the world. Regardless of if they’ll be received in a positive or negative light.     


  1. What is your design aesthetic? Think about the kind of styles, textures, lines, silhouettes, and moods you like to work with.


The aesthetics that come to me naturally are delicate, ethereal visions of feminine beauty; particularly inspired by the natural world. I like things that fill me with a sense of calm and peace. Silky or sheer fabrics that flow and are easily windswept to evoke a ghastly appearance. My aesthetic movepool is very much inspired by artistic movements including Impressionism, Art Nouveau, the Pre-Raphaelites, and Romanticism. While I certainly have a specific aesthetic I work in the majority of the time, I do feel I have the ability to adapt to whatever aesthetic or assignment I’m given and translate it through my artistic lens. I’m always down to push myself outside my comfort zone and to expand my artistic capabilities. 


  1. Who are your design influences? Name two or three and describe what about them inspires you 


One of my favorite textile artists at the moment is Linda Nurk who creates these otherworldly bodices made of natural materials like petals, insect wings, and snake skins. I resonate with her artistic point of view trying to create using unconventional materials of the natural world. She finds beauty out of discarded objects typically thought to be dull or to be trashed. Another artist I'm obsessed with is Michaela Stark who creates these delicate, bondage contraptions using corsets and ribbons. Her work is meant to abstract the body into different shapes using the tightness of the ribbon around the skin. Highlighting the beauty of our bodies the way they are naturally. 

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