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An Nghiệm

When I visited my hometown earlier this year, my community was celebrating Tết and I was immediately fascinated by the use of color symbolization in every aspect of the new year customs. I wanted to play with these colors in my collection and decided to throw my own spin on celebrating Tết with garments that reflect both my love for my culture and fashion.  

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Designer interview

Describe your point of view as a designer. What makes you unique compared to other designers? 

As a Vietnamese nonbinary designer, I focus on aspects of my culture that strongly resonate with myself and the people who I love in my life, like community care and holding a space for love for everyone. I’m constantly inspired when I’m surrounded by queer creatives who are passionate about the work that they do and how they apply their background into their art. I push myself to do the same in my own way in fashion, whether that be design or styling.  

What is your design aesthetic? 

I love experimenting with colors and textures, especially when they contrast or compliment each other in unexpected ways. I definitely think that silk brocade has become a strong presence in my design aesthetic and I love the floral patterns that accompany this type of fabric. It gives a joyful and glamorous impression on my work.

Who are your design influences? 

Quách Đắc Thắng and Vietnamese cultural dress are my biggest design influences before and during the process of designing my collection. Both Quách and the industry of Vietnamese fashion designers who have created many variations of cultural dress  have never hesitated to step outside of the box and present something completely unique every season. I always look forward to seeing what they create next and I would love to do the same for my own journey in art.

How is your work unique? How does your unique point of view combine with your design aesthetic and influences to make your work unique? 

 My use of mixing different fabric colors and textures definitely distinguishes my work as my own. I designed my collection with the mindset of how I present myself as closely to my cultural and gender identity as possible. 

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