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Betty Nguyen My Truong

Creating my final collection was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. I personally wanted to push myself and test my boundaries, so I went about the collection knowing that I wanted to incorporate techniques that I had never learned or tried before. I took it as an opportunity to learn and grow, knowing that I was going to make mistakes along the way. Each garment started with a general idea and end goal, however, there were moments where I found myself wanting to redirect and try something that was better suited for the particular look. While this took away some of my time, it was exciting to become creative during the process. Through this experience, I’ve learned more about my personal design process and how I work as a designer. I've also how to be more disciplined, patient, and creative as a fashion designer.

Designer Interview

Describe your point of view as a designer

Ever since I was younger, I was taught to be resourceful, which is why I grew an interest in design. As a designer, I see myself as someone who strives to be mindful and intentive. I understand the impacts of fashion, both good and bad, therefore I use those things to shape the way I design.  

What is your design aesthetic?

I would describe my design aesthetic to be retro and vintage-inspired. My design influences come from classic styles and silhouettes that are flattering to the body. I personally love working with soft and delicate fabric as well. With that being said, I want to continue to grow and learn so I am eager to explore new textures, silhouettes, and aesthetics. 

Who are your design influences? 

Zac Posen, Gaetano Navarra and Anna Molinari are three designers that inspire me. I particularly chose these three because their design aesthetics align with my own aesthetics. Looking at their work, I find that it creates a lasting impression and is unforgettable. 

How is your work unique? 

My goal as a designer is to create wearable styles that are also individualistic. I believe fashion design should not be momentary and disposable. Retro styles and vintage-inspired clothes have always been apparent in the cycle of fashion and therefore have impacted my intentions as a designer. Further, with fast fashion and trends being so fast-paced, I want to take a redirected approach and create pieces that are rather timeless and cater to a more personal, less trendy style.

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