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Designer interview

What is the designers point of view?


I am a lover of Japanese culture, both traditional clothing and popular street fashion have deeply influenced me and helped me to build my personal design style.

What is the design aesthetic? 

I like sweet apparel style, and I also prefer my designs that use all kinds of gorgeous and eye-catching fabrics. I hope my designs can bring people dreams and happiness.

Who are your design influences? 

Kayano Shinobu: She is currently the chief costume designer of the AKB48 group. Each of her works has its own characteristics, and her success has left a deep impression on Japanese idols.

Yumi Katsura: She is Japan's first wedding dress designer and the first to hold a wedding show in Japan. Her wedding designs are always amazing. Her Yumi Yuzen collection, which focuses on kimonos and designs with Japanese elements, also uses Yuzen dyeing, smudged calligraphy, Japanese silk embroidery and other techniques.


How is your work unique? How does your unique point of view combine with your design aesthetic and influences to make your work unique? 

My designs have cute and Japanese stylish elements, such as lots of lace and shiny fabrics. Lolita fashion and Japanese idol stage costumes have deeply influenced my design style. Combining the important elements of the two and transforming them into daily convenient apparel has become my work unique.

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