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Toni Kostelec


Hacked Garment Project

Mood Board

toni k mood.jpeg

Toni's Dialogue on the Project

For my hacked garment project, I really wanted to incorporate old garments that I had made that I considered “too imperfect” to wear in the past. I wanted to give these pieces a new life and hopefully create something amazing out of otherwise scrap garments.

I got the idea to add some flare to a pair of trousers that I had attempted making a few months prior. There wasn’t anything particularly “wrong” with the pants; however, there were some fit issues and pretty serious drag lines throughout the pants. 


I wanted to give the pants some extra flare by creating a makeshift bell bottom out of a vintage petticoat I found at a thrift store in Haight Ashbury.


Toni's Process:

I dyed the petticoat to try and match the silk from the pants a little closer. I got a fairly close match, but different enough to showcase the two fabrics.

When I finished the pants I felt like the look needed a little bit more, so I made a matching tube top out of the scrap fabrics. The top really pulled the look together.

The overall mood of this project was to create something that channels the vibe of Cher and Abba, very 70’s, very dancing queen.

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