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Thank you to everyone who attended our show on May 6th, 2022!

Senior Designer Mood Boards



Welcome to our 27th Annual Fashion Show

Runway 2022: Bloom  

Representative of the mission of San Francisco State University, Runway 2022: Bloom is collaborative and engaged with many across our campus community. Our students in the Apparel Design & Merchandising major within the Family Interiors Nutrition & Apparel department create this show experience from concept to final production. Our junior and senior Apparel Design students traditionally create over 120 looks and lines that would grace the Runway. 

Due to this pandemic of historic proportions, our faculty and students had to adapt and find a way to create their designs and present them to you.  We are very proud of our students and their remarkable capacity to adapt to change. Our graduating seniors and continuing juniors have been the ones to feel the very real challenges of this moment as they move forward in pursuit of their dreams. 

This is our 27th Runway show and with amazing support, we were able to create a beautiful free outdoor show for our graduating seniors on May 6th at Malcolm X Plaza.  27 senior designers presented their collections with our senior merchandisers producing the show. We would like to thank Vernon Piccinotti for his assistance with the venue, Hamid Khani and his BECA team for videotaping the show, and Karina Patel for photography. The video will be available to view on our website We also thank Maisoon Alghethy, Disability Specialist, for her assistance in recruiting models for our ongoing disability design project. With her support and collaboration Runway continues to be a more inclusive and accessible event.   

On our website, you will see the creative and conceptual material as well as the finished collections designed by our graduating senior class.  You will also see the conceptual ideas and collaboration that junior designers experienced with their disability models.  

We extend a special thanks to all our SFSU support community. We thank you, our audience for your support. 

Please dim the lights, start the music, and enjoy RUNWAY 2022 bloom! 


Dr. Amy Dorie          Assistant Professor 

Danette Scheib         Design Instructor 

Nancy Martin           Design Instructor 

Stephanie Currie      Merchandising Instructor  

Gus Vouchilas          Department Chair  

 Your support of our ADM students is welcome and appreciated!

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